A million questions

Last night was almost perfect.

Those moments are like that. It’s just us–me and Zed, so often I sometime forget he wasn’t always there. (Don’t worry we always have our puppy in mind, Archer won’t let us forget he is the MOST IMPORTANT DOG IN THE WORLD.)

We needed a quiet night away. Not in, no hermit-ness, outside, around people, maybe see a movie. We don’t frequently agree about which movies are worth theatre price tags when compared to literally any other format. We loved “They Came Together” at home on Xbox for maybe $7.

So what warrants twice that for two plus popcorn and soda?


‘Cause we classy y’all.

No, not really. We both love sci-fi and fantasy, then you throw in some of my favorite Korean famous people and I can’t help myself. My butt is in the theatre almost through telekinesis.

And you know what? It paid off.

The movie was brilliant. Tightly woven, tightly acted, beautifully shot, and infused with the kind of energy films get when the entire creative team seems like they’ve been waiting their entire professional careers for something so wonderful to throw all their talents into. And then, it’s gorgeous.

The symbolism, layers, meanings, and everything come together in a very French way. The style always maintains a certain Korean-ness in my opinion and the acting held together by Tilda Swinton’s brilliant weirdness is so America. The film felt international from the moment it began and in a dystopian world with few survivors and few languages, it was just what it needed to set the mood.

Oh, and the steam punk was a lovely touch.

So that’s us then. Me and Zed. Not nearly old enough to be regulars to Wednesday movies and members at the local independent theatre, but doing that because Wednesday nights fit our schedule for an “only us” date. And the membership is cheaper than paying all the time.

We’re old. Only we’re not.

Are we?

I did find a gray hair not too long ago.


After the movie, we walked out into the slowly darkening night. (Yes, we went to a movie that early in summer.) We talked about the merits of the film, and how together we’re like one hipster; separate we’re a crazy cat lady and an ogre. Then it was home. And time for another walk this one with a dog. We walked in a light desert rain. The kind of rain so soft and slow it feels more like the perfect breeze to a steamy day than a rain storm at all. The sky kept darkening as we wound our way around downtown.

Eventually, we made our way home. Just in time for the down pour to really begin. Archer hid under the bed at the first sign of thunder. Zed turned on a kung fu film. I snuggled up with the man than the dog before finally settling into an easy sleep.

Is it really that easy? Happiness is just another day with a little bit of work.