Thank you, thank you

This morning I want to thank everyone who made my birthday weekend a memorable experience. I’m so grateful for the amazing collection of friends I’ve gathered in the SL,UT, who showed up, chatted, and enjoyed a wonderful night on the town, especially Zed, Ava, Andrew, Miranda, Beth, Carrie, Ada, Paulie and Jessica. A special thank you goes to Steve who quietly made the craziness possible behind the scenes. You’re the best! I am a lucky lady to have so many kind, generous and giving people in my life.

On the family end, Trent, Amber, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Debbie, you rock. Thanks so much for all you do for me! You make my life just a little sweeter. I love you.

Now for two quick brags, Ada is a queen of craft and she made me these AMAZING coasters using photos I took in South Korea. What?! I still don’t understand how she did it, but I love my thoughtful, crafty, unique coasters. They’re so stylin’ I’m taking them to work.


Next I have Jazz tickets! Yes! Amber and her sweet hubby, Eli, are so generous. They gave me amazing tickets to the Jazz/Clippers game! I can’t even…it’s just….wow. Seriously, love my life.


Thank you for making this birthday one to remember.

Sunsets On Memories

This is not the highest quality photo or even the most in-focus photo, however in searching through the archives today this photo is one of those kind of moments where I realize how lucky I am to live so close to family and nature.

It’s also appropriate since this photo was taken from a house where I’ll be spending a few days this week to hang out with nieces and a nephew while mom and dad head off to Jamaica. I’m excited for family time! We will have tons of fun and hopefully the parents have a nice relaxing time in a Caribbean paradise.

In the Quiet Moments

A week ago, my nieces and nephew were sweet enough to let me tag along on a zoo adventure.


The animals were fun, the weather was delightful, but the best moment of all was in the few quiet minutes the kids drew and took photos while waiting for their mom.

Sometimes the best of life happens in the quietest moments, and on a rowdy, crowded day at the Hogle Zoo, it was watching children create for in a moment of calm.

It was a wonderful day and a fantastic reminder of how lovely family is.



The View From Here

Aerial Hong Kong #1 , 2001

Hong Kong from the sky as seen in 2001 by Digital Freak. Can’t wait until it’s my turn to snap a pic!

In my travel planning, I’m starting to dream of looking out airplane windows. The window seat, it’s my favorite. I love looking out over the sky, land and sea as the world changes below me. I wanted to share some of the most amazing window views when I realized I’m a bad photographer and have never managed to take a photo looking out from the best windows on the world.




Here are some of the world’s best aerial views from more conscientious photographers than I on Flickr, as inspired and seen on BuzzFeed.

The Midwest

Farmland Allsorts

Taken from Flickr.

New York, New York from JFK Airport. 

Aerial NYC

Another Flickr

The Great Salt Lake
Colorful Landscape

Taken by Tom Kelly.

Foggy Chicago

fog blankets chicago

Kind of makes me wish Chicago had been stormy when I visited. (Link here.) Now that we’ve seen some of the United States ever changing landscape, let’s move on to Asia.

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea - Seoul

Hazy with a view of the lazy Han River. Yep, sounds about right.


"Malaysia Truly Asia"

Between bus, train and air to get around Peninsular Malaysia this is probably the most familiar view to my eyes–fields of rubber trees and gray clouds. It’s definitely still a country at the top of my “Live There” list.

Bali, Indonesia

Aerial view of Bali

These kind of sights made it clear Bali was beautiful before the plane even hit the tarmac.

Bangkok, Thailand

I don’t believe this photo was taken from the seat of a plane. However it’s too fantastic not to share.

The highest Aerial view of Bangkok Highway at Dusk in Thailand

It totally brings to mind my first views of the city as I took a midnight taxi to my hotel for a week of steamy heat and even hotter food.

Next time I’m on a plane, I will be camera ready to take some incredible shots.

For all 100 aerial photos see the original post on BuzzFeed