Red Vespa, Grey Skies

Red Vespa, grey skies

Today is one of those grey, lonely mornings. The rain drips down, falling to the just turned green grass and making the world quite cozy, even coffee is better on a blustery spring day in Salt Lake City. The kind of drizzly slow rain that makes everyone, even a puppy, just a little extra sleepy. It’s the kind of rain that is depressing and hopeful.

Much like Ryan Tanner’s Salt Lake City Rain. It’s the perfect song to pair with early morning rain.


Bikes in Chicago

Bike Chicago

I’m homesick for the road.

I miss travel, the thrill of a new adventure, not knowing what’s coming next and unexpected finds like this bike. I love the colors on this ride. It’s so vintage chic. The bike was chained in the same spot everyday for my Chicago adventures in 2012.

Maybe it’s time to get myself a bike and explore the roads around here. SLC has some bike lanes; and the city is starting a bike share program this April. Although the green bikes are not as cute, I love the idea of shareable bikes to encourage travel.

What is that?

This is what happens when a curious pup meets a camera.

This is what happens when a curious pup meets a camera.

Eee! Archer is getting so big! And loud! I introduced him to my camera yesterday. The end result was an awful lot of close-ups as sniffed and snuffled at the black box making noise and flashing lights at him. He was not a fan.

Of course, he’s generally not a fan of anything that takes my attention away from him. This has led to separation anxiety as I mentioned on Facebook. Luckily tons of people have put forth lots of helpful advice, so hopefully this problem will be fixed quickly and effectively. (You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for all the help!) Soon the neighbors can have their peace back, and we can go back to quietly hating each other without the intervention of the landlord.

Ah, silent hatred…it sounds so utopian.

Stay tuned for training updates! I know you’re dying to hear how well mirrors, music and crate-training work to keep a pup quiet when I’m away from home.

Wish us luck! And thank you, thank you for all the advice!

Hong Kong’s Halloween


All along Flower Market Street in the Mong Kok area of Kowloon, Hong Kong are fascinating shops exploding with blooms, cacti, grasses and anything else that grows. Nonetheless at the end of the vibrant street is a little shop packed with holiday decorations. In the first part of October Halloween decor was rather proudly on display for the passing tourists to purchase. My favorite piece was this old label bottle of “Bat Wing Extract” tucked behind skull shot glasses and next to display dishes.




The Halloween vibe was carried out onto the street by these mysterious fruit/vegetable/some kind of growing thing on display. Linda quickly dubbed them “Freddy Krueger hands” and Freddy Krueger they shall ever be in my mind. Apparently the fruit is actually called “Buddha’s Hand” and is mostly used for its aromatic qualities. Thanks, One Piece Discoveries! It was nice to see a little Halloween whimsy in Hong Kong.

Now if only I could think of a costume…

Ruinas de Pablos


One of the world’s most popular tourist attractions is this remnant of Portugal colonization of Macau. It’s the facade of an ancient cathedral left–all that remains of what was once the largest and most beautiful cathedral outside of Europe.

The site is swarmed by toursits, cramped, crowded and hot. Yet somehow, it’s still worth the long ferry ride and the overpriced taxi ride to get there. No where in Macau is there a better juxtaposition of East meets West than at the Ruinas de Pablos. Indeed the cathedral decked out in Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns and lights prepared me in some absurd way for the Vegas style glitzy casinos, the swirling patterns of sea life in the cobble stoned streets and the street food of garlic ramen with chicken kebabs.

All of it coming together in a mess of wonder and anxiety that can only be called Macau.