Autumn in Utah

Some days there are no places in the world I’d rather be than home.

It’s certainly not every day.

But this close to Halloween in the brunt of autumn just before the weather turns to bone-chilling, hip deep snow drifts that make me dream of beaches. I want to be home.

The crisp, crunch of yellow leaves, the blustery wind through the gray skies, the swirl fo decaying fauna as it floats to another home. This is the weather that makes me love Utah.

I love baking in my tiny kitchen, brewing pots of coffee, long talks about nothing and everything, eating everything pumpkin flavored and rediscovering the warmth of comforters and blazers left in the closet all summer long.

It’s the autumn I love. We’re back in the swing of school, regular schedules no longer feel new. The long days of summer are past us, the short days of winter loom ahead, but here in the muddling in-between is the comfort of snuggling in bed with pumpkin pie and coffee.

It’s the kind of day that makes me happy to be home.

If you’ve never made it the place where I live, you really should visit in the fall. We take Halloween too seriously, we go camping in the rain and tell ghost stories around smoky fires. We have house parties where everyone wears costumes. We have more professional haunted houses than a city of this small size should conceivably boast of, and all of them seem to do a roaring business with long waits and cheap tickets.

Most of the travel literature will lead you to believe Utah is at its best in winter. For the skiers and snowboarders that may be true, but for those who think the outdoors are best when viewed from inside warm homes. Autumn is the best time to live here.

The golden weeks of dying summer are past. We’re in the gray days just before the rainy bit that means ski resorts will probably be opening before Thanksgiving this year. In less than a month, I’ll only be writing about how amazing the beaches of *insert tropical country* are and how much I want to go there.

But these cool days where scarves, boots, hats and sweaters can be worn and shown off without the bulk of winter coats to hide them and exhibition Jazz games give me hope for a watchable NBA season, I only want to be here. These are the best days to be a Utahn.