This coffee just isn’t enough

Cuban coastline via Hello Magazine

And I would love a cigar to go with it. (Only after a few Cuban Revolvers.)

Now that we’ve established Beyonce and Jay-Z were in Cuba with US approval, why not go to Cuba?

I know there’s this whole Fidel Castro thing, and ideological differences and something to do a bay of pigs, but really it’s another place in the world I would love to see. I imagine passing hot Havanna nights drinking mojitos and salsa dancing.

I’m a terrible dancer, but in Cuba I wouldn’t care.

I’d learn a bit about Santerina. I would take on the history lesson and politics of the Caribbean nation. I’m intrigued by a place where so few US citizens are allowed. There’s a dual system for currency and tourists. Life is tightly regulated. It must be one of the most unusual places on earth. And I want to go there.

What do you think the chances are of the US Treasury signing off on a trip?

National Geographic and others offer people-to-people travel groups I could join. But man, I wish I were Canadian so I could do my own thing without a group of tourists around me.

You lucky Canadians. Sigh.


A band playing in the streets of Cuba via Solo Travel Girl

I’m enamored with the idea of living like Ernest Hemingway a bit. (Idaho isn’t too far from me, so perhaps a trip to Ketchum is in order.) Cuba has been added to my travel list. A list that just keeps getting longer.