24 Hours in Salt Lake City

Last week, I saw the Double Tree by Hilton DTours Competition and got all hopped up on the idea of traveling Salt Lake City.

I totally missed the deadline for the competition to win a two-week to two-month trip to wherever, but that didn’t stop me from fully enjoying my 24 hours as a tourist in my town.

This is a tourist hot  spot, promise.

This is a tourist hot spot, promise.

I started off at the one place I always see tourist, the Utah State Capitol Building. It was nice to take the time and enjoy the grounds, the architecture and the sunshine. Usually Archer and I walk as quickly as possible. But this time I photographed it up and did my best tourist impression. However since the dog was in tow, I did not get to go inside the building. It has wonderful architectural details and occasionally you can catch a couple inside taking wedding photos.

It's the little things that give away the location.

It’s the little things that give away the location.

Next I went on a detour to Memory Grove Park just down the hill from the Capitol building. Once again I took the time to photograph and enjoy the scenery a bit as I made my way north to City Creek Canyon.

One of the many monuments to Utah's fallen soldiers in Memory Grove Park.

One of the many monuments to Utah’s fallen soldiers in Memory Grove Park.

Archer loves running in the water, following the stream and meeting all the other dogs on the loose. I like that it’s a lot of nature, but close enough to the city I don’t have to drive. It’s literally across the street and down the hill from the Capitol. I love it! The hike took about an hour before I decided I was ravenous enough for a snack.

The City Creek from which so many place in this town take their name.

The City Creek from which so many place in this town take their name.

After depositing the puppy at home, I made my way to Eva’s Bakery on Main Street. This little place looks like it flew over from Paris to bring chic local eats to the weary. The cappucino was delicious and the Beehive brioche divine. I love, love Cafe Ibis. The roast is always just right, and Eva’s baristas know there way around an espresso machine. They served it dry and it was foamy caffeine heaven for me. The brioche was a delicious honey, almond, sugar blend. The dough was crispy, light and delightful. Absolutely loved it! The setting was wonderful for settling in to write a bit, read a bit and just relax after a long morning hike.

A delightful mid-morning snack to go with writing.

A delightful mid-morning snack to go with writing.

Next I made my way to the Salt Lake City Downtown Library via TRAX for some more spectacular views, architecture and books.

Architectural awesome right there.

Architectural awesome right there.

The library has always been one of my favorite SLC landmarks since I first moved here. It’s not just a space for books, they host community events, house local shops and regularly show films. I stocked up on all the crime noir I could read in a week, checked my Twitter feed and was off to meet Lewis Bros. Food Truck.

I have been waiting and waiting for Lewis Bros. to park near me. But I always miss them! This time, however, I knew right where they would be and what better excuse to indulge in Vietnamese inspired local fare than traveling in downtown?

A menu and a logo on the Lewis Bros. food truck.

A menu and a logo on the Lewis Bros. food truck.

I took TRAX again back to the Courthouse stop. Several food trucks were gathered in a parking lot near the Little America Hotel for the CNU21 convention. I skipped right by WakiPaki, Chow, Off the Grid and a pizza truck for Lewis Bros. banh mi.

Like I said, I’ve been wanting to try their food for ages.

The wait was brief. The cooks friendly and helpful, even going so far as to take orders to customers who seemingly forgot their kimichi fries.

The pork was tender, juicy and ginger-y. Yum!

The pork was tender, juicy and ginger-y. Yum!

I opted for the pork in the Vietnamese-style sandwich. It was served on a crusty baguette with delicious shredded pork and pickled carrots and onions on top. Not the fanciest of fare, but coming from a truck pretty impressive. At $6 a pop, it’s the most expensive item on the Lewis Bros. menu and totally worth it. I devoured the whole sandwich sitting on the grass and listening-in on some true tourists take on Salt Lake City.

After all the food and walking I needed a break from all my excursions and headed home to veg out for a bit before a night on the town. I wandered around Temple Square people watching and trying to see the plaza I walk across so often from a traveler’s point of view. The results: so many weddings, flowers and statues! It’s an awful nice public park most of the time.

I knew I wanted a perfect SL,UT night, so I headed to Bar X following dinner. I ordered a Moscow Mule since I am deeply in love with those copper mugs. It was crisp, fresh, delicious and absolutely on point, like every drink the mixologists of Bar X create. They are perfectionists in the art of cocktail making; and it shows. It also hits the wallet with cocktails starting out at $9 and going up for there.

But so, so worth it!

I sipped my drink and listened to the live band. It was nice to get out, but I was still pretty bushed from the day’s adventures, so I soon went home.

If had waited until this week, I totally would have hit up Friday Night Flicks in the Park next. 

I love summer in Salt Lake City!