This is where I’m supposed to be

I voted today.

It was nice. Feeling like a citizen is not an emotion I bask in often.

In the frenzied last-minute swirl of political discourse happening today, I’m damn proud to be an American. (We’ll see how I’m feeling once the results are in.) I love seeing most people, who disagree about politics, agreeing voting is important.

I loved the quick walk to the polling place where I met a few of my neighbors for the first time. I loved that one of those neighbors was comfortable enough to tell me about her Oxycotin addiction. (Such classy broads in the neighborhood!) I loved the father and son who proudly voted together, even though they voted differently. I loved that there was no line, just a queue of people going  about their day who took a few minutes to chat, vote and be citizens in their community.

Voting made feel connected.

It’s astonishing to realize that less than 100 years ago, I couldn’t have voted. It’s more surprising to me that I didn’t vote four years ago. But now that I’ve popped that political cherry, it’s awesome.

Utah independents and democrats, get out there. I know it feels like you’re throwing a paper airplane into  gale force winds. It might not feel like your voice is being heard, surrounded as we are by red-blooded conservatives. But at least, you’ll have the knowledge you did what you could to elect officials who most closely resemble you. Vote!

(Please help my pipe dream of Utah voting blue come true.)

Don’t forget, there are local elections. Salt Lake County Mayor, House Representatives and the State Governor are on the ballot, too.  Honestly I was more excited for those votes than the President because Utah can be a better place. And I can make more of a change in a small pond than an ocean, and so can you.

The lines are short. Voting is painless. And you’ll feel good.

P.S. I totally dressed to match my “I voted” sticker. Yes!

If we can vote, hopefully we can trust the system to work. There is some bad news out there, voters ballots in Ohio are unlikely to be counted. Voting machines in Pennsylvania are flipping votes. Something weird is happening in New Jersey. And David Sedaris has something to say to undecided voters. If you still think your vote doesn’t count, read this Cracked article. (It’s funny and informative!)


This Is Why We Vote

Remember, America, this election season, you’re voting so this guy can ride a unicycle with a parrot and a gun during a parade to celebrate…pioneers? White supremacy? The slaughter of millions of natives? 

Pick your rhetoric.

And don’t forget to vote.