A million questions

Last night was almost perfect.

Those moments are like that. It’s just us–me and Zed, so often I sometime forget he wasn’t always there. (Don’t worry we always have our puppy in mind, Archer won’t let us forget he is the MOST IMPORTANT DOG IN THE WORLD.)

We needed a quiet night away. Not in, no hermit-ness, outside, around people, maybe see a movie. We don’t frequently agree about which movies are worth theatre price tags when compared to literally any other format. We loved “They Came Together” at home on Xbox for maybe $7.

So what warrants twice that for two plus popcorn and soda?


‘Cause we classy y’all.

No, not really. We both love sci-fi and fantasy, then you throw in some of my favorite Korean famous people and I can’t help myself. My butt is in the theatre almost through telekinesis.

And you know what? It paid off.

The movie was brilliant. Tightly woven, tightly acted, beautifully shot, and infused with the kind of energy films get when the entire creative team seems like they’ve been waiting their entire professional careers for something so wonderful to throw all their talents into. And then, it’s gorgeous.

The symbolism, layers, meanings, and everything come together in a very French way. The style always maintains a certain Korean-ness in my opinion and the acting held together by Tilda Swinton’s brilliant weirdness is so America. The film felt international from the moment it began and in a dystopian world with few survivors and few languages, it was just what it needed to set the mood.

Oh, and the steam punk was a lovely touch.

So that’s us then. Me and Zed. Not nearly old enough to be regulars to Wednesday movies and members at the local independent theatre, but doing that because Wednesday nights fit our schedule for an “only us” date. And the membership is cheaper than paying all the time.

We’re old. Only we’re not.

Are we?

I did find a gray hair not too long ago.


After the movie, we walked out into the slowly darkening night. (Yes, we went to a movie that early in summer.) We talked about the merits of the film, and how together we’re like one hipster; separate we’re a crazy cat lady and an ogre. Then it was home. And time for another walk this one with a dog. We walked in a light desert rain. The kind of rain so soft and slow it feels more like the perfect breeze to a steamy day than a rain storm at all. The sky kept darkening as we wound our way around downtown.

Eventually, we made our way home. Just in time for the down pour to really begin. Archer hid under the bed at the first sign of thunder. Zed turned on a kung fu film. I snuggled up with the man than the dog before finally settling into an easy sleep.

Is it really that easy? Happiness is just another day with a little bit of work.


Granary Row and The Porch

Opening night at Granary Row. Photo via facebook.com/granaryrow

Opening night at Granary Row. Photo via facebook.com/granaryrow

Last week there was a bit of buzz about town with the opening of Granary Row.

It’s in one of those industrial west-side neighborhoods where it feels like no one lives, but trains and trucks. The area is hemmed in by a freeway on all sides. It’s a favorite haunt for budding photographers hoping to get their urban decay on.

It’s where I’ve met a number of amazing entrepreneurs working to build small businesses that make SLC more vibrant.

And it finally feels like a neighborhood.

The Kentlands Initiative worked with the city to design and build a “pop up market and festival.” Granary Row is made up of recycled cargo containers redesigned with gardens, restaurants and shops in mind. My favorite part is that the whole thing sits in the middle of a wide street. Those wide mid-western streets drive me crazy. It is one of the worst features of SL,UT life, especially on the west side.

A row of trailers breaks it up nicely. And it feels for once like a walkable area.

I’m going by weekend-only hang out tonight. My first stop is going to be the Porch. The group invites locals to tell stories about their lives in a supportive atmosphere. I’m thrilled the Utah Valley group has a second home “up north.” It’s the closest thing we have around here to the Moth, and I’m excited to see how it goes.

I can’t wait to hear the stories! Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to share my own.

The Porch. Local storytellers in Provo, Utah. Photo via utahporch.org.

I’ll have some bling with that

Are you gearing up for Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring this weekend? I sure am. And a pretty awesome starting point is this Vanity Fair piece by Nancy Jo Sales.

This is the perfect movie to resurrect strawberry champagne cake. Even though I’ll have to wait a couple weeks for the film to arrive in SLC. (Boo! I’m still waiting for “Much Ado!” It’s been a whole week.)

After reading Monkey See’s piece about just how many films are men-centric today. (And by today, she really just means today, right now, this Friday.) Then there’s Indiewire’s  article on how the critics handle a woman-directed film. That is again upsetting and recalls the way Katheryn Bigelow is treated by Hollywood and its critics. (As if marrying James Cameron is the most important thing she has done. It not like Point Break ever happened. Just kidding. That’s a kind of terrible joke. She’s made at least two powerful and important films that I have seen Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. She is a master at telling stories that matter. And you know, Johnny Utah. God, I love that movie.)

I’m feeling all girl power-y and angry, and holy freak it’s been way too long since I binged on Buffy. 

Plus I’m wearing flares today.

Guys and gals, the 90s are happening now. At least in my house, bring on the grunge! And the sour patch kids! And probably some Pepsi! And ramen! I’m pretty sure that’s how I made it through elementary school

The motivation is getting to me. I need to do something. We need to do something. So if you can support women and films. Go see “Frances Ha,” watch “Girls” and “The Mindy Project,” take your friends to “Before Midnight” just so you can see a cast with men and women.

In the meantime, I’m taking this inspiration and revisiting an old project all about women. Following Jane Espenson’s advice to snare the power of the hour and write uninterrupted for 60 minutes.

Let’s see how this goes.

Thirsty Thursday pub crawl with a helping of history

Thanks for all the new follows yesterday! That was a nice surprise to wake up to. I hope all you new kids know I write about a lot more than books, actually I mostly write about TV and my dog these days.

So…yes. I hope you are not disappointed.

I have 93 followers now! Whoo-oo!

I’m tempted to do a giveaway when I get to 100. Perhaps a book? Or a movie? I just can’t imagine a booze-soaked cake will survive UPS. Hmm….I will think on this.

In the meantime let us meditate on today’s entertainment: history and bars!

That’s right I’m doing another pub crawl. This one is around downtown Salt Lake City hosted by the Utah Heritage Foundation.  The more I learn about the group, the more impressed I am by the work they do. I may visit them again next Saturday for the Literate Ladies Lawn Sale. (Alliteration and books? Yes, please)

If i can be persuaded away from the Downton Farmer’s Market.

Nonetheless I’m looking forward to this walk around downtown. It will be the first pub crawl I’ve ever done in a city where drinking in the streets is NOT allowed, so I’m curious how that will go down. I’m hoping for a fun group and lots of fascinating stories about Salt Lake City’s Mormon, miner history.

UHF is top-secret about the tour, so I doubt I’ll be able to post a full review of the experience or outline what we do. But here’s what I will guarantee: rowdiness from a woman in a sundress.

The rest is going to be history.

Let’s talk about…money

There’s been a dearth of season finales on TV lately and those always leave me mildly depressed. No more Nashville, why?

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a fun romp through space adventure time. However totally not worth the $10 ticket price in my opinion. (Movie goers, can you quiet down the talking while the movie is playing, please?!)

And while Benedict Cumberbatch performance as Khan was wonderful, I couldn’t stop thinking about the white washing of the film long enough to actually enjoy his deliciously evil villain. Thankfully I had no such trouble watching Zoe Saladana kick ass.

However mostly I’ve been thinking about money because it’s the end of the month, and I am poor. Bills are always a nice reminder of how little money I have. How nice of you, Visa card.

And then I saw today’s news about unemployment and growing gaps between rich and poor. It never helps to dwell on these things knowing I live in the state with the largest pay gap between men and women. (Oh, Utah, you are so patriarchal.)

First The New York Times tells me that women who are unemployed and uneducated are far more likely to have a short life. As upsetting as that bit of news is, it makes AlterNet’s report on the growing poverty population, roughly 47% of American owe more than they earn, all the more depressing.

Chances are if you do have money you’re working way more for it. So yay, for poorness, it might mean you have more free time. Maybe. Even Bloomberg Business is talking about work-life balance shiz, man.

Basically what I’m saying is spring season finale time in TV land left me depressed and the real world was no help at all. Time to binge on Arrested Development or move to Canada.

And let’s not forget that most tax breaks benefit the wealthiest 20% of Americans. 

Is someone stirring a martini for me, yet?


Sinful Sunday shows

Image via flavorwire

Everything is ending!

This is the worst part of spring, all the endings to the TV shows I’ve loved all season long. But now, thanks to cable, Netflix and Hulu I can start looking forward to some other amazing shows, mostly oldies until July.

With two episodes left in “Game of Thrones,” I’m already thinking about the next Sunday night show. Should I slowly watch “Arrested Development” even though Mark Kunitz says to watch it all at once?

I checked out “Family Tree.” But it doesn’t have the drama a good Sunday night show needs.

Something sexy, scary and just a little bit crazy belongs to the end of the week. I could catch up on “Mad Men” since I stopped watching after season three. It just feels so repetitive. John Slattery, John Hamm and January Jones, not withstanding, I’m not sure it’s a world I want to get back into.

I’m pretty much through BBCs “Sherlock.” So I think it might be time to go old school HBO. There are tons of shows I’ve never seen like “Carnivale.” (I’m stuck somewhere in season one.) Maybe I’ll finally watch “The Wire” because I feel like I’m the last TV nerd on earth not to watch it. There’s a whole lot of “Treme” I’ve skipped, too. And “The Sopranos” have always been on my “watch in actual order” list. Remember those AMC re-runs? Man, those were the days to watch good TV out of order!

It’s definitely going to be a summer of catch up until “Boardwalk Empire” and “Breaking Bad” get here. July, you are so far away!

What’s your sinful Sunday drama?

Salt Lake City’s Twilight Concert Series 2013

Yesterday the lineup was announced for the Twilight Concert Series this summer at Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City.

If my Twitter feed is to be trusted it’s going to be an indie rocker’s wet dream of a summer! Now for those of you who don’t live in the SL,UT and can’t see some of these awesome bands for just $5 here’s a YouTube listen. (Tickets purchased early for all 9 shows are $35!)

The line up as follows:

July 18: Belle & Sebastian with Blitzen Trapper

July 25: Flaming Lips

August 1: The National with Sharon Van Etten

August 7: Grizzly Bear with Youth Lagoon

I feel compelled to put a trigger warning on this. The video is a bit grisly for my tastes. I like the song, but eww.

August 8: Erykah Badu

August 15: TBA

August 22: Kid Cudi

August 29: Empire of the Sun

September 5: MGMT

It’s going to be another amazing summer series from Twilight. If you’ve never been it’s more than worth the $5 admission for the experience. I love the food and drink trunks to go with all the SLC Punk style you will see. And the drugs. There’s no way to have that many sweaty hippies in one park swaying to the beat and not smell at least a little weed.

Enjoy it!