Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m a writer and editor living in Salt Lake City. I specialize in academic and technical writing with deep experience in marketing and advertising. If you have a freelance project you would like to discuss, email me at kristamaesmith@gmail.com.

Away from professional obligations, I’m deeply in love with my husband and our dog, Archer. You may have already guessed, but I’m a book nerd, TV junkie, podcast whore, and all around lover of stories. A few other things I enjoy include cooking, baking, painting, photography, the occasional foray into design, and dragging my family on hiking and camping adventures.

Please note that this has been my personal blog since 2008. I’ve written extensively about my own bad ideas, my personal struggles with religion, teaching English in South Korea, traveling solo, and making food and drinks for friends and family. I’ve also written a bit of fiction here and there. Although these stories are based on my own experiences, they are my own and may not be representative of how I currently feel.

Unlike, certain other more famous writers, I don’t feel compelled to retroactively fix these bad ideas by editing old posts. They are what they are, and I’m likely more embarrassed to have written and published them here then you are to have found them. If you do come across old posts and have questions, feel free to ask. I’m happy to revisit my ideas as I’m always learning and changing.

And finally it must be said that all stories, opinions, reviews, etc. are my own and are not representative of any employer past or present.


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