I’ll have some bling with that

Are you gearing up for Sofia Coppola’s Bling Ring this weekend? I sure am. And a pretty awesome starting point is this Vanity Fair piece by Nancy Jo Sales.

This is the perfect movie to resurrect strawberry champagne cake. Even though I’ll have to wait a couple weeks for the film to arrive in SLC. (Boo! I’m still waiting for “Much Ado!” It’s been a whole week.)

After reading Monkey See’s piece about just how many films are men-centric today. (And by today, she really just means today, right now, this Friday.) Then there’s Indiewire’s  article on how the critics handle a woman-directed film. That is again upsetting and recalls the way Katheryn Bigelow is treated by Hollywood and its critics. (As if marrying James Cameron is the most important thing she has done. It not like Point Break ever happened. Just kidding. That’s a kind of terrible joke. She’s made at least two powerful and important films that I have seen Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. She is a master at telling stories that matter. And you know, Johnny Utah. God, I love that movie.)

I’m feeling all girl power-y and angry, and holy freak it’s been way too long since I binged on Buffy. 

Plus I’m wearing flares today.

Guys and gals, the 90s are happening now. At least in my house, bring on the grunge! And the sour patch kids! And probably some Pepsi! And ramen! I’m pretty sure that’s how I made it through elementary school

The motivation is getting to me. I need to do something. We need to do something. So if you can support women and films. Go see “Frances Ha,” watch “Girls” and “The Mindy Project,” take your friends to “Before Midnight” just so you can see a cast with men and women.

In the meantime, I’m taking this inspiration and revisiting an old project all about women. Following Jane Espenson’s advice to snare the power of the hour and write uninterrupted for 60 minutes.

Let’s see how this goes.


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