Let’s talk about…money

There’s been a dearth of season finales on TV lately and those always leave me mildly depressed. No more Nashville, why?

Star Trek: Into Darkness was a fun romp through space adventure time. However totally not worth the $10 ticket price in my opinion. (Movie goers, can you quiet down the talking while the movie is playing, please?!)

And while Benedict Cumberbatch performance as Khan was wonderful, I couldn’t stop thinking about the white washing of the film long enough to actually enjoy his deliciously evil villain. Thankfully I had no such trouble watching Zoe Saladana kick ass.

However mostly I’ve been thinking about money because it’s the end of the month, and I am poor. Bills are always a nice reminder of how little money I have. How nice of you, Visa card.

And then I saw today’s news about unemployment and growing gaps between rich and poor. It never helps to dwell on these things knowing I live in the state with the largest pay gap between men and women. (Oh, Utah, you are so patriarchal.)

First The New York Times tells me that women who are unemployed and uneducated are far more likely to have a short life. As upsetting as that bit of news is, it makes AlterNet’s report on the growing poverty population, roughly 47% of American owe more than they earn, all the more depressing.

Chances are if you do have money you’re working way more for it. So yay, for poorness, it might mean you have more free time. Maybe. Even Bloomberg Business is talking about work-life balance shiz, man.

Basically what I’m saying is spring season finale time in TV land left me depressed and the real world was no help at all. Time to binge on Arrested Development or move to Canada.

And let’s not forget that most tax breaks benefit the wealthiest 20% of Americans. 

Is someone stirring a martini for me, yet?



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