If only, Archer would sit this still in the car.

If only, Archer would sit this still in the car.

With the weather warming up, I’ve got summer travel on my mind. One step to making this summer more adventurours is taking the dog along. I haven’t traveled with a pup before, and I’m a bit nervous. What is the safest way for him to be in the car? Will he get car sick? How often will we have to stop? What if it’s too hot and he gets sick? How much water does he need? Will he ever learn to stay still during a car ride? Do they make doggie diaper bags for all the crap I’m going to have to pack for a puppy?

Seriously hard questions to dwell on.

And find workable answers to.

Did you know there is pet insurance? And a whole network of people dedicated to returning lost dogs (and cats) to their owners?


There is a strange world out there of dog obsessed owners. And I am one of them. Kind of. I thought I was, and still think I am whenever I’m looking over my bank statements. But then I saw National Geographic’s “Spoiled Rotten Pets” and realized I have managed to keep some semblance of sanity. (The show has seen been on hiatus after six episodes.)

Traveling with my pup may be a bit on the extreme side, but good Jesus, he is not ever going to have a bachelor party. Actually he most likely won’t ever have a party at all. As much as I want to dress him in cute little hats, I will resist the urge as long as possible. Because I can’t be that crazy dog lady.


So yes, he will go on the road with me at least once. (Although Zed has pretty much forbidden Archer from our anniversary trip.) I think I’ll just stick with crate, regular food and water and plan on lots and lots of carsickness from the pup. And maybe plan on drives taking extra time with frequent stops along the way for him.

Maybe it will be nice to have a ready-made excuse to stop every couple hours. Although it’s already feeling like an exercise in extended car travel. This is one five hour drive that’s going to take seven, I suppose.

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