Sinful Sunday shows

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Everything is ending!

This is the worst part of spring, all the endings to the TV shows I’ve loved all season long. But now, thanks to cable, Netflix and Hulu I can start looking forward to some other amazing shows, mostly oldies until July.

With two episodes left in “Game of Thrones,” I’m already thinking about the next Sunday night show. Should I slowly watch “Arrested Development” even though Mark Kunitz says to watch it all at once?

I checked out “Family Tree.” But it doesn’t have the drama a good Sunday night show needs.

Something sexy, scary and just a little bit crazy belongs to the end of the week. I could catch up on “Mad Men” since I stopped watching after season three. It just feels so repetitive. John Slattery, John Hamm and January Jones, not withstanding, I’m not sure it’s a world I want to get back into.

I’m pretty much through BBCs “Sherlock.” So I think it might be time to go old school HBO. There are tons of shows I’ve never seen like “Carnivale.” (I’m stuck somewhere in season one.) Maybe I’ll finally watch “The Wire” because I feel like I’m the last TV nerd on earth not to watch it. There’s a whole lot of “Treme” I’ve skipped, too. And “The Sopranos” have always been on my “watch in actual order” list. Remember those AMC re-runs? Man, those were the days to watch good TV out of order!

It’s definitely going to be a summer of catch up until “Boardwalk Empire” and “Breaking Bad” get here. July, you are so far away!

What’s your sinful Sunday drama?


2 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday shows

  1. Dude I feel you on Mad Men. I quit around the same time and have no desire to go back. Have you watched House of Cards yet?

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