CapeCodLimeSherbetRemember how cool root beer floats were back in the day?

Well, I loved the ice cream, but did not care so much for the root beer. However my mother was a feed-the-children-on-a-dime genius and came up with mixes I loved even more.

Sherbet and soda!

So good! My favorite mixes are still orange sherbet with lemon lime soda and lime sherbet with strawberry kiwi soda! (Shasta all the way, whoo-oo!)

Man, I loved those sherbet floats in the summer time. So sweet, so bubbly and refreshing!

I also thought everyone grew up with variations on the traditional root beer float. However Zed claimed he had never tried this amazing delicious treat, so we made a nice mix of lime sherbet and Sprite. Boom! Burst of nostalgia! And it was amazing! I still love these floats!

However after a week or so of lime sherbet, I ran out of Sprite. The next logical step was clearly to turn this into a cocktail. Given recent experiments with Cape Cod Cake, I had citrus vodka and cranberry juice on hand.

Lime sherbet + cranberry juice + vodka = adult float



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