I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I think maybe, I might just go camping.

I am not a fan of the outdoors. I do not like to sleep on the ground. I see no reason to eschew running water and electricity in an effort to get close to nature. If I want to be close to nature, I will hike around a bit and go safely home to my warm bed in my comfortable house with lights, a toilet and a shower.

I like cities. I like convenience. I appreciate the little things like cell phones, laptops and wifi.

Camping is not for me.

Be that as it may, I believe I may go camping this summer. As I’ve mentioned, the man and I would very much like to go on a trip, however the reality of fiscal responsibility and student loan debt has left us with little choice about what we do. (Don’t go to college, kids. Or do and just know you will have payments FOREVER.)

And camping despite it’s many, many not fun aspects is indeed very cheap in this state.

I have no idea where we will go. Somewhere close, hopefully not to far from a tiny town. As much pre-packing as I do, I am convinced bugs will attack us. I’ll be forced to runaway from the mountains, trees and lakes. Or the red rocks.

“Utah is a playground! I love it!” I hear from the other dog owners, neighbors and every person I know in this city. “The outdoors are so close!” Other people are in love with rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and biking all over the place.

I am not.

But it seems a crime to glamp. That’s not me either.

So camping I will go for the first time in ages, praying I don’t die and carrying a very large large, very full flask.


4 thoughts on “Camping?

  1. I don’t understand how anybody could not enjoy camping. Natural beauty is good for everybody, and living immersed in nature is something humans have been doing since we gave up being monkeys; our genes recognize it and revel in old memories. When you find a nice, beautiful, dark place, watch the sky turn a gorgeous shade of royal blue and then fade to black, with more stars than anyone realizes are there, it makes everybody’s heart sing. And it’s a chance to step outside your comfort zone.

    If you can, borrow or rent some comfortable air mats. There’s no reason to sleep on a cold, hard ground; I carry my BA mat for miles up the sides of mountains until I find just the right place to spend the night. Also, hot chocolate is a great way to stay warm at night.

    I think my favorite of all the campgrounds I stayed at in Utah was in Zion National Park. I wasn’t much a fan of deserts – I’m still not – but it’s breathtaking.

    • Thanks, Forrest! Zion’s is a great suggestion! I have never been there.

      Perhaps as a disclaimer I should have included that my dislike of camping comes largely spending the majority of my childhood living in what could politely be called a cabin in the middle of nowhere in Utah’s desert. This “cabin” does not have consistent running water or electricity and is reliant on a generator for both. In my life I feel I have camped enough for anyone.

      However as an adult, this trip will mark the first time I have actively chosen to spend time overnight in the wild.

      I do think there is something peaceful and serene about nature. Nonetheless I prefer spending my nights in a home with electricity and running water that will turn on with the flick of a switch or turn of a faucet without any sputtering machines. Comfort takes precedence over nature in my book.

  2. Bring good food and good booze and good company and you’ll be alright. Google basic camping packing lists and that will help. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray and water!!!

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