Park bench reading

Park bench and lamp at William Silver ParkHere’s a bit of today’s favorite reads (and a listen) to see you through this hump day! It’s the perfect kind of weather to sit outside with the laptop and read to my heart’s content. (I can’t get enough of this tiny park up the road! That bench is so idyllic!)

MentalFloss critique of the AP tweet that turned out to be a hack is both informative and fun. How many AP errors are in a fake AP tweet? Seven. Yes, seven.

This American Life’s What Happened at Dos Erres is winning a bunch of journalism awards and is well worth a listen. Of the many fascinating stories Ira and the crew share, this is one that will stick with you for a long, long time.  A word of warning, have a box of tissues ready.

Amy Harmon’s Asperger Love is a fascinating look into romance and mental illness through the relationship of Jack and Kristen. An excerpt is available for free at Byliner. You can buy the story in full or subscribe to Byliner if you’d like. It’s definitely worth the subscription!

The Atlantic’s story on the woman who leads North Korea (SPOILER: It’s Kim Jung Un’s auntie) is another interesting angle on the silent country. Which reminds me, have you started reading NKNews yet? You really should if you’re interested at all in what is happening and has happened in Pyongyang.


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