Clean up, clean up, turn the TV on

I’m slightly embarrassed by how excited I am to clean my house today.

But seriously, I get to scrub the floors! And wash the dishes! And do laundry! I will feel so much better when all this is done. I just know it. It’s like an itch I can’t wait to scratch when I finally have the time to clean the apartment.

Ever since I let a live animal move in here, it’s been tough keeping the place up to standards, you know? Dog fur, puppy paw prints and the whole mess just don’t go away forever after a good scrubbing. The pup is at the vet today for his grown-up surgery; and this is an excellent opportunity to put on some jams and clean to my heart’s happiness.

I’m thrilled! (And a little nervous for the puppy. This is the first night he wasn’t at home, too.)

It’s also a great chance to catch up on my Hulu queue as well. So much Modern Family, The Neighbors and Nashville to watch. (Not that I forgot about CommunityThe Mindy ProjectRaising HopeNew Normal, Daily Show or Colbret Report.)

Heck, I may even have to give myself a pedicure just so I have an excuse to keep the TV shows rolling.


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