This coffee just isn’t enough

Cuban coastline via Hello Magazine

And I would love a cigar to go with it. (Only after a few Cuban Revolvers.)

Now that we’ve established Beyonce and Jay-Z were in Cuba with US approval, why not go to Cuba?

I know there’s this whole Fidel Castro thing, and ideological differences and something to do a bay of pigs, but really it’s another place in the world I would love to see. I imagine passing hot Havanna nights drinking mojitos and salsa dancing.

I’m a terrible dancer, but in Cuba I wouldn’t care.

I’d learn a bit about Santerina. I would take on the history lesson and politics of the Caribbean nation. I’m intrigued by a place where so few US citizens are allowed. There’s a dual system for currency and tourists. Life is tightly regulated. It must be one of the most unusual places on earth. And I want to go there.

What do you think the chances are of the US Treasury signing off on a trip?

National Geographic and others offer people-to-people travel groups I could join. But man, I wish I were Canadian so I could do my own thing without a group of tourists around me.

You lucky Canadians. Sigh.


A band playing in the streets of Cuba via Solo Travel Girl

I’m enamored with the idea of living like Ernest Hemingway a bit. (Idaho isn’t too far from me, so perhaps a trip to Ketchum is in order.) Cuba has been added to my travel list. A list that just keeps getting longer.



3 thoughts on “This coffee just isn’t enough

  1. I feel the exact same way. I’ve always been fascinated by Cuba. I took a class on Latin American Revolutions in college and my professor talked about how it was nothing but rum and cigars, so long as you stayed out of the way of the bad guys.
    It’s on my list, too, so let me know when you head that way and we can murder the salsa together.

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