Yogurt, granola and strawberries for breakfast.

Yogurt, granola and strawberries for breakfast.

I haven’t managed to make the lemon crinkle cookies I’ve been meaning to make all week. So today you get a little insight into my morning routine. It starts bright and early with a wake up whimper from a puppy. After he’s played , walked and fed, it’s onto the coffee for me.

And a breakfast of yogurt, fruit and granola usually.

I love it! Maybe it’s boring, but it sure beats oatmeal. I love to add a dash of cinnamon; and tell myself this delicious food is for my heart and bones, not my taste buds.

The truth is, I love the boring, same old breakfast. I might switch up the kind of yogurt, granola or fruit. I may add some honey for extra sweetness. And some days I eat toast, eggs, muffins and pancakes. But for my go-to breakfast, I just can’t beat the yogurt parfait.

It’s simple, sweet and just right.


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Go-To: Yogurt, Fruit and Granola

    • I love cranberries! I have an awesome idea for some cupcakes and cranberries to look forward to. As far as the granola goes, I’ve never been much of a cereal person. Unless it’s Cap’n Crunch, then I want it all!

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