Sequel-ing Pitch Perfect

The Bellas of “Pitch Perfect” via Alice Tynan.

Look, I’m just going to call it now Pitch Perfect 2 is going to happen.

No, there has not been an official announcement, but I’m stalking Elizabeth Banks waiting for the word.

Evidence A: Yesterday MTV announced the cast from Pitch Perfect will reunite for an aca-awesome performance at the MTV Music Awards. Of course, they’re pretending Anna Kendrick won’t be there. My psychic senses are tingling though. The talented artist is going to make a special guest appearance for a rendition of “Cups.”

Remember that song on the radio all the time? Yeah, it’s from the movie about competitive a capella singing.

Evidence B: The success of Pitch Perfect has led to Fox reintroducing their a capella competition show The Sing Off. Remember Pentatonix? Yeah, they got their start in season one. The beat boxer, by the way, is a bad ass cello player.

Evidence C: Don’t forget iTunes released a second Pitch Perfect album this week, too.

So yeah that sequel, it’s a comin’!

And I’ll be drinking wine and watching the orignal again soon enough. There is nothing more girly and fun than a flick like this. I think Pitch Perfect is better defined, not by its music, but by other women-centric teen films like 10 Things I Hate About YouMean Girls and Clueless.

God, I hope the success of Pitch marks the rebirth of amazing films about women kicking ass.

The premise for the film sounds stupid. Really? College kids competing in a capella. Isn’t that like the most boring version of music around? I did not believe Chef Andrew I would like this film. I don’t even like musicals. I have never been a fan of movies like ChicagoMoulin Rogue  or The Sound Of Music. The sing-a-long songs of Broadway turned Hollywood generally annoys me.

Nonetheless one night I decided to heed my long-time friends advice. We cracked open a couple bottles of wine; and I fell in love with Pitch Perfect.

I’m telling you now, this movie is going to have a sequel. So watch the original already.


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