After the "big trouble"

There are rare moments in my life where something happens, and the event is so clear, sharp and crisp I know I will always remember it. These events are not always positive, a few are terrifying, others hilarious and some fall in between. This morning was one of them.

Archer decided 4 a.m. was an acceptable time to wake up. He made his “I need to wee” whine; so I obliged and let him out. We settled back down for a few more hours of sleep. Then at 7 a.m. we did our usual breakfast and play time routine.

Once he was settled in with a chew toy, umm…adult things started happening away from the puppy. He decided to investigate what the people were up to. I felt some licking on my feet. Zed asked me what the pup was doing.

“If we ignore him, he will leave.” I said trying to focus on the naughty business.

Archer barked loudly over and over again. His barking set the neighbor dogs off and soon the entire building was awake and annoyed. Eventually Archer quieted when he decided he had mine and Zed’s full attention. He was handed a bone and sent on his way.

Then things heated up again.

However Archer was not to be left out of the action. Suffice it to say the scenario (sexy times-dog bark-end) repeated itself at least twice before Zed and I gave up. My dog is the worst cock blocker in the world!

He was in big trouble. We suffered through the usual disciplinary actions “Stop!,” “No, Archer!” and even a few smacks. He was temporarily banished to puppy prison as well. After all the trouble-making, Zed left. I made coffee and tried to plot revenge against the pup. Is it a crime to kill a puppy?

He is killing my love life!

I can’t live life as a nun because of a dog. My patience is over; and Archer knows it. He has spent most of the morning slinking around, under and behind furniture.

He’s lucky he looks so adorable and apologetic when he’s hiding under my chair.


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