Happy Good Friday, Holi and all!

Thomas Keller’s marshmallow eggs via NPR

It’s quite the festive week with Passover, Holi, Good Friday and Easter coming up.

None of these holidays strike me as particularly fun since they are as Zed pointed out kid-days more than fun adult days. However that won’t stop me from an attempt at recreating Thomas Keller’s marshmallow eggs. The Peeps-like creations are delightful. I love a good marshmallow and hopefully the treat is as easy to make as Keller promises.

And I can find some gelatin.

With spring finally here, I can’t wait to whip up some delightful summer treats. I came across this cold avocado soup recipe in Southern Living. I think it might just make the perfect appetizer or lunch soon. Plus it looks pretty easy without any cooking at all.

But why stop with the soup?

Southern Living also has this recipe for prosciutto wrapped mango. I love this idea! Mangoes have been on sale. I always want to buy one, but I have no idea what to do with it. This might just be the magic fix. I may just need to get my summer time brunch on soon, so I have an excuse to try out these delights.

We may just have to bust out the martini shaker and get to work on these swanky cocktails from The Berry.

P.S. Are you ready for Game of Thrones on Sunday? I may just need to think about some fancy meat-based something to celebrate!


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