The cast of Happy Endings found at Look Here Blog.

The cast of Happy Endings found at Look Here Blog.

What are you doing this Friday night?

You’re going to save Happy Endings, right?

The brilliant sitcom follows six insane friends as they take the piss out of each other all day and all night in Chicago. The show takes its cues from Friends and Seinfield like a beautiful, saucy baby and makes me laugh so hard I pause for a breather.

ABC even produced a commercial, so we can all work together to save the show in its sophomore year. Jezebel says its amazing! And everyone agrees Brad and Jane are the best couple on TV right now. Really. How many loving non-traditional TV couples can you think of? Like none. Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) are the best! Despite arguments, disagreements and differences, it’s easy to believe these two love each other and want to be together. All the time.

It helps that the entire cast is hilarious, misfits who love to hate on each other. I understand that watching people be mean may not be everyone’s TV cup of tea. But “Happy Endings” is guaranteed to make you laugh. Yes, the pranks and jokes can go too far. However even the most obnoxious haters, Penny (Casey Wilson) and Max (Adam Pally) always recognize when they’ve gone too far. The relationships change, evolve and grow as the characters themselves move from screeching crazies to slightly more mellow yelling crazies.

Admittedly, the network has done much to make it impossible to support the show. Originally Happy Endings aired on Tuesday nights. Then it was moved to Sundays, then Wednesdays, then Sundays. And there’s been a change from a lone half hour to airing two right in a row. Now the show is slated for an hour blog on Friday nights.

It’s a goner. Despite ABC’s ad, it’s clear to me we are watching the slow demis of Happy Endings. It’s going the way of Up All Night. (I’ll cry alone over this one.) The next Happy Endings headlines will probably feature members of the current cast lining up for pilot season in the fall. That’s okay. It’s a TV reality I can live with. But it’s still frustrating to see another wonderful show with so much going for it and so much potential for more hilarious good times get treated poorly then to see the network rub it in my face is only adding to my pain.

Nonetheless I’m hopeful we can at least make it all the way through Season 2 and end “Happy Endings” well…happily. So if you’re bored at home on Friday night, flip on ABC and watch some of the best episodes of comedy on TV you’ve been missing out on for two years.


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