A bit of reading

I’m a bit pressed for time today, so I’ll just leave you with some links to a few of my favorite writings today.

This story from Everrett Potter about the new Salt Lake City is rather nice. It’s an excellent piece of traveling writing as well. In other SLC news, you can volunteer to bottle feed kittens this spring.

I loved this editorial in The New York Times from football player Scott Fujita. He takes on marriage equality and how he hopes to one day tell his daughters their friends are equal. It’s touching, poignant and perfectly timed.

The Future Journalism Project published a wonderful piece by a student who is paying for journalism school at Columbia. It made me think as did the article it’s in response too. I’ve thought a lot about grad school. I can see both sides of the argument. It’s interesting to think about the way we value education and words.

Now for some literature I’d like to point you to The Paris Review winners’ work from Otessa Mostegh for Bettering Myself  and J.D. Daniels for Letter From Kentucky. The two young writers’ short stories are delightfully different. Mostegh paints a wonderful portrait of a woman in a rather dark place. Daniels’ memoir is touching, nostalgic and difficult to forget the picture of Kentucky as he winds through memories and present moments.

By the way, Wired found out you can own a dire wolf for about $3,000 and a long wait. Someone has been breeding them since 1987!


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