Take it away

It’s that time again! Travel planning time! This is possibly one of my favorite feelings in the world. The moment when it’s decided to hit the road and explore new realms. Zed and I have (mostly) decided to travel briefly for our one year since we met anniversary.

It’s a travel-bration!

Now that it’s decided we are going somewhere, we need to start planning! First is the budget question. The answer is pretty simple: CHEAP. This means we’re looking at staying with friends, driving versus flying and not too far from home.

Bear Lake, Utah found via Nutrifect.

1. Bear Lake, UT and ID

One thing is for sure, wherever we go we will be near a body of water that is not too salty for life. Zed is sailor-y; and I like drinking on beaches. So…yes.

The perks: Bear Lake is close, an easy drive away from SLC. We could probably stay at a cabin for relatively cheaply. We get to be all old-school with campfires, without the camping part. It’s about the cheapest trip possible. Back of the envelope math suggests we could do this trip for just a couple hundred bucks for both of us.

The downside: It is close! It’s still Utah-ish. (We will totally sneak to the Idaho side for some lottery, beer drinking time.) While Bear Lake would be a new and different experience for me, it’s close enough it doesn’t feel like much of a trip.

San Francisco’s Oakland Bay Bridge. Image found via Top Travel Lists.

2. San Francisco, CA

The coldest summer city in the US sounds like a delightful foodie trip. I love the idea of hanging out in Ghiradelli Square, checking out Alcatraz and seeing Golden Gate bridge for real. For some reason, I really want to hang out in a hotel room drinking wine and watching Hitchcock as well. Plus the city hosts a concert series in the park.

The perks: Another city to cross of the US tour list! It’s a fun new destination for both of us.

The downside: It’s expensive. Proto-budgeting clocks this visit in at about $500 a person before we land. Yikes!

Voodoo Donuts found via Tumblr.

3. Somewhere in the Northwest: Portland, OR or (near-ish) Seattle, WA

Both Zed and I hold a special place in our hearts for the Northwest. Although his reasons have more to do with sailing, and mine have more to do with beer. Whatevs.

The cost for both destinations is roughly the same regardless of flight, drive or hotel. Weirdly. Umm…honestly the only real reason for going to Portland is “Portlandia.” I’ve never been there, but I hear that Voodoo Donut shop is pretty BAMF. Plus I could totally indulge my desire to be a hippy without feeling judged!

Seattle is awesome! It would be awesome catch up with a few bad ass people we know out that way. There are boats, coffee on every corner and more beer! Yay! We could even do a micro-brewery tour. This is sounding more and more like the happy middle compromise trip. Actually.

Perks: The Northwest is always lovely and mostly affordable.

Downside: Not so sure we need another trips to Seattle.

The French Quarter in New Orleans

The French Quarter in New Orleans

4. New Orleans, LA

I am dying to get back to the Crescent City. I love it. I don’t care if we will sweat to death in the stupid swamp. I want to go back. There is a trip scheduled! Why not Nola?

Perks: New Orleans is lovely, beautiful, fun and not too expensive. Since I’ve abused this blog with my love of all things Nola too many times, I’m just going to leave it at that.

Downside: A visit here is comparable to San Francisco in terms of cost. Zed has been less than enthusiastic when presented with this option. He seems convinced we will be the victims of some terrible crime. Gah, this is what I get for making him watch “Treme.”

Nashville skyline at sunset found via Visit Music City.

5. Nashville, TN

It’s possible TV is responsible for most of these options. Are you watching “Nashville” yet? Hmm? You should be. It is awesome! I want to go to the Bluebird Cafe, hang out by the river and eat grits while listening to a local band play under Christmas lights drinking whiskey and lemonade.

Perks: A never been for both of us. TV has me convinced it will be amazing.

Downside: I can’t think of any except perhaps cost, which once again is comparable to New Orleans and San Francisco.

So there you have it. Five possible destinations. What do you think, readers? Where would you go for a celebration vacation?


3 thoughts on “Take it away

  1. I like another option…St. Louis! Believe it or not stl is a great food town with several microbreweries and a ton of free and fun activities! Plus you know someone here:) and we are only 4 hours from Nashville so its almost like you are there. It is such a great city you just have to know where to go and I can show you around!

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