A better pancake and muffins

Pancakes from AllRecipes.com

So after the cinnamon swirl pancake disaster, I decided to try again with a slightly more traditional recipe. I found this delicious take at AllRecipes.com. So good! And it worked great from pancake one to pancake 12. The pancakes are not anything special, but you know what? I successfully made them! And they were yummy! They tasted just like I want a pancake to taste. They were fluffy and thick. They were good. They restored my breakfast making confidence.

I feel like I can take on a weekend breakfast now! This pancake mix is definitely in the recipe box. I might just make some tomorrow morning so I can show off my new found flapjack skills for Zed. (Not that he cares since he usually avoids breakfast like the plague, but still…showing off! Yay!)

Joy of Baking’s Strawberry Banana Muffins

Continuing my morning readiness kick, I started the day off right with these muffins from Food Network. The recipe calls for banana, strawberries, blueberries and lemon. So I knew I would love it when it came across my Google.

However I don’t like walnuts. And it turns out my mom hates blueberries. (Who are you people?) So I replaced the nuts with oats and skipped the blueberries altogether. The lemon stayed despite younger brother complaining. The young one will learn lemon makes everything better someday.

The strawberry, banana muffins were tasty, hearty and a good start to an early morning of goodbyes.

I typically do not like baked fruit anything, not even pie. (Give me pumpkin every time!) But these muffins were surprisingly good despite my misgivings about banana in any baked good. So yes, I have one fruit bread recipe in the box.

They were so good, I’m actually excited to make them again. This time I’m thinking blueberries, pecans and brown sugar will add some coffee cake yum to the recipe for a nice afternoon coffee break snack. And next time I might just remember to take a picture or two.


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