Some days I’m just not feeling it, especially when it’s cold, rainy and gray. The kind of mornings where nothing sounds better than snuggling up in bed with a good book and a hot tea, I love those mornings. But when I can’t have them because of deadlines, bills and a puppy that just needs to run now, I get cranky.

The cutest dog in the universe

After a run, a roll in the dirt and getting rained on, Archer is finally resting.

He is so energetic lately. I’m 90% sure he’s in full-on doggie adolesence. He lurves everything in the gross way you are thinking of. Even my neighbors have commented on the dry humping! Eww! It’s like I went from living with Odie to Wilfred overnight. I do not like Wilfred in real life. He is gross and smelly. I miss my sweet, cuddly boy. Now he is stinky and hyper. I can’t wait until he’s all grown up and calms the eff down.

He is damned lucky he’s cute this morning.

Admittedly the regular schedule and exercise have been super healthy for me. But the day we make it through a run without chasing a neighborhood dog, cat or child, I will rejoice on the Facebook. Loudly. With ALL CAPS.

Don’t hold your breath.

Plus I’m still struggling along with a story. Ideas are stuck in my head, but not translating well through the keyboard. I just can’t seem to make any connection between these characters. Maybe the story idea is bad. Or maybe they’re one-dimensional characters. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. But the story is not moving forward. And instead is annoying the hell out of me while I contemplate the screen and try to imagine a situation to get these people from point A to point B. I need a plot point!

Ugh. The coffee is cold, too. Ugh. This day is so depressing. I’m scared to look outside.

It’s a good thing red beans and rice are on the menu for tonight. I’m gonna need some serious comfort food to get through this day. And I’ve got some of that apple ale that’s been making an appearance in grocery stores around here in the fridge. (I’m curious how an obviously “malt beverage” made it past Utah liquor laws onto grocery store shelves, but I’ll leave that mystery to the DABC and MillerCoors.) So maybe today isn’t all bad.


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