Happy (Belated) Pi Day!

3.14 is a special day: it’s Pi day!

And my parents’ anniversary! (My mother, by the way, was a math teacher. Although the  wedding date was more happy coincidence for a nerd than over-planning. True story.)

This year they are visiting me, too. So I had extra excuses to try my hand at some fancy pie making! Yes!

My mom loves chocolate; so I thought about giving this triple chocolate pie a whirl. Then I remembered my dad hates chocolate. And as the baker, I do not like pudding pies…ugh. They are just so BORING!

So then I went searching for some kind of spice cake-type pie. Honestly I have no idea what his favorite pie is, but I know he likes spice cake. And this is not a cake dessert day.

Oh no, it is pie day! We must have pie!

I found this pumpkin spice jello pie recipe from Kraft. It looks good, but still a pudding pie? This is not my dessert, Internet.

Stumped I finally settled on pecan pie from Food Network. Then I thought about adding pumpkin or chocolate to the pie. After all we’re on a mission for decadence, aren’t we?

Update: Life happens as it does and the pie has not been made yet. I’m hoping to get to it tonight. 


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