Shakespeare, Veronica Mars Hit The Silver Screen

I want to say I’ve been too busy to stay a top of the entertainment fun times, y’all could be having this week.

But that’s not true. Instead I’ll just point you to a couple of amazing things happening in movie-land.

Get ready for June 7 ’cause it’s gonna be big. Joss Whedon’s latest film takes on Shakespeare in Much Ado About Nothing. The cast is made up of long time Whedon players, Amy Acker, Alexis Denisof, Nathan Fillion and other recognizable faces from AngelFirefly and Dollhouse.

The trailer looks amazingly fun and silly.

I love how it feels like a summer party that goes on just a bit too long with a touch of drama with all of Whedon’s besties. I’m pretty sure they had a ball making this movie. As a fan, I can’t wait to see it. I’m overjoyed the man who brought misfit teens Buffy now has the directorial power to make whatever film strikes his fancy.

BTW, he is a long-time Shakespeare lover. Take a look at the interviews on Angel. Season five is brought to terrible brillance by A Midsummer Night’s Dream. And as a YouTube commenter points out, Wes and Fred will finally get their happy ending! Yay!

Veronica Mars via PC MagIn other awesome film news Veronica Mars is going to be on the silver screen next year. The WB gave its blessing for Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell to host a Kickstarter campaign for $2 million yesterday. Not surprisingly, they already surpassed their goal. So get ready for the final Veronica Mars installment. Whoo-oo! (Is it just me or is Kirsten Bell the most awesome actress ever to grace the WB?)

I’ve only seen bits of the TV series, but it made my catch up on over the summer list after reading this article (trigger warning) in The Atlantic.

Oh hey, and did you see The Sing Off is coming back?

Thank Pop Culture Brain for all the good news today.


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