Bitchin’ Kitchen’s Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

The calendar is telling me that today is  a special day to celebrate equality around the world. We obviously have a long way to go before achieving equality. However as I like to generally be a bit more positive and shy away from sharing all the awful news about how awful people are, I’m going to focus on women’s food.

Taste of Home’s lemon fudge

So what recipes should I share with you today? Should I embrace the stereotypes and point you to delicious chocolates and cupcakes? Should I suggest decorating cakes like high heels? (By the way, Jezebel‘s take on the meaning of the cupcake is pretty awesome and totally NSFW.)

And buying lovely wine for the wonderful women in your life?

I realize this is supposed to be a serious celebration of wonderful women who have come before me and who are working now to create a more equal world for all humans. But in trying to imagine the perfect Friday food celebration for this day I’m torn between totally embracing the most feminine foods I can think of and going all out international.

It seems different enough from the “girly” food options, but still totally wrong-headed direction embracing the International part of the name.

Besides what would I eat? Iceland’s fermented shark? Finland’s Karelian pasties? Norway’s lamb in cabbage? Ireland’s stew? Those come from the best five countries for women as reported in the Huffington Post.  It doesn’t take much for me to find an excuse to indulge in any cuisine, but is it really appropriate to show up at a woman-owned Ethiopian restaurant only because it’s International Women’s Day? It seems  a little weird to me.

Maybe I’ll settle this conundrum with a delightful second visit to Eva’s Bakery and read Sheryl Sandberg’s book.

After all this day is about the struggles and triumphs of amazing women now and before us. To get started on reading up on 11 bad ass women, take a look at this Mother Jones profile. And if you haven’t yet, watch Iron Jawed Angels. Both will inspire you.


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