Oh, the places you’ll go

Perhaps I’m a bit late to the Dr. Seuss party, but lately I’ve been thinking about opportunities.

It’s tough this writing thing. Sometimes people pay me, other times people don’t want to pay me and most the time they don’t want to pay me very much for my work. Even long-time journalists like Nate Thayer have this problem.¬†Seriously, world, can we please agree that some words have more value than others? Especially the ones that require research and rewrites before they get published?

The research, interviews, rewrites and edits are just one piece of the writing process. There’s another side I think of it as hustle and wait. It starts with the first cup of coffee, the troll through all the job leads for the day, next it’s time to make the pitch carefully crafting emails and ledes for possible stories, then its the wait. Waiting for approval. Waiting for payment. Waiting for someone somewhere to say, “yes.”

It’s a helluva a lot more nerve-wracking than the writing part of my day.

There are days full of rejections. More noes than yeses by such a wide margin, it makes me want to give up. But every so often a yes comes along. And those yeses the opportunities they represent the growth, paychecks and work they represent make all the noes worth it.

The hustle, the wait, the writing, it’s tough work. I have to fight myself somedays just to type out another pitch that may be rejected. But man, I love those yeses.

It seems to me there is a constant confluences where one day is awful. Truly terrible. Enough to make me almost call the nearest restaurant for a bartending gig and leave the words to a better smith. But lately the difficult days have been followed by a surprising number of chances for hope that maybe there’s is room for one more freelance journalist in this world. Thankfully those opportunities are lining up and giving hope that maybe I will get to live my dream of writing everyday and paying all the bills.

Here’s to the next opportunity!


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