Recipe Girl’s Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

One morning I decided these cinnamon roll pancakes from Recipe Girl would be a sumptiously sweet start to the day.

Look at that photo! How could I not want that? So I rolled out of bed excited to try out something new. Archer and I did our walk, and I got to work on this sweet treat while he rolled around on the floor with his breakfast.

The cinnamon swirl part was easy: butter, cinnamon, brown sugar. It smelled lovely and was clearly going to set up these pancakes nicely for a cinnamon roll flavor. Then I moved to the cream cheese glaze. The glaze was a mix of butter, cream cheese and powdered sugar. It came out okay. Although I didn’t quite have enough patience to work out all the lumps of cream cheese.

Then it was pancake time. The batter seemed simple enough, but once I mixed all the dry and wet ingredients, it didn’t seem right. So I added some water thinking the cream I used in lieu of milk had thickened the batter. This seemed to work.

However when it got down to the cooking, I am far from a pancake master. The first pancake was a burnt on the outside, raw on the inside mess. The next few pancakes weren’t much better. I messed with the heat, I practiced patience as much as possible. Really, really patient.

Finally after about 30 minutes for three pancakes, I had a somewhat acceptable breakfast. The cinnamon swirl was nice and crisp, the glaze sweet and the pancake filling. The pancakes were not as deliciously awesome as I had pictured, edible, yes, amazing, no. But I’m willing to chalk that up to my inability to cook a pancake. I really haven’t made pancakes very much, and this recipe is probably better for comfortable pancake makers to try.

Truthfully for the amount of time it took, I probably will put this recipe on the weekend brunch list. It’s way too much work for a weekday morning. And next time I think I’ll just go for a boring ol’ maple syrup pancake.

P.S. I finally made use of a coffee grinder that’s been gathering dust for the past six months. Oh my amazing! I can’t believe the difference in freshness from the ground coffee at the store. So much better! I’m a coffee grinding believer for sure.


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