Lemons, desserts and experimentation

This weekend is the weekend for lemons!

I’ve been dying to make some kind of lemon curd something since Zed does not like sweets, but loves citrus. (He very sweetly ate a surprising number of cupcakes before he told me he doesn’t like most desserts.) Lemon curd strikes me as the right balance of sweet and tart for both of us.

It turns out a curd is going to take quite a few lemons which is why I waited until they were on sale (3 for $1) at Harmons.

I found this Ina Garten recipe for lemon curd that seems quite simple. I’ll have to make a few adjustments, like cutting it in half and a work around for the food processor. I’m sure I can make do with a zester and a hand mixer. I’m also a little concerned about what consistency I’m going for here. She doesn’t mention how thick it should be before turning off the heat. But according to other recipes I’ve found it seems the curd will continue to thicken as it cools, so I’m going to try for a sauce. Then hopefully it will chill into a bit more of a pudding.

For the next step, I want to take this Paula Deen fruit tart and make only the crust. It’s a nice sugary, flaky crust almost like a sugar cookie. I have some idea of turning them into bowls by wrapping the crust on the outside of the cupcake pan.

Sort of how KnewlyWifed shows it on her blog.

Cookie bowls

But you know tart crust, not cookie.

Finally I want to top this experiment off with a bit of homemade whipped cream. Truth be told, this tiny touch is the part that makes me most nervous for the whole endeavor, I’ve never successfully whipped cream. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the end, I want it to look like a tiny lemon meringue pie, but tastier.

P.S. Any tips for keeping a pup out from underfoot while baking?


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