Final Destination: Boring

“Thanks for being boring with me,” I said. Zed and I were snuggled on the couch, watching “Bob’s Burgers” as Archer stretched and curled next to me in sleep.

It was about 9 o’clock on a Friday night. We are officially one of the most boring couples you will ever read about.

That’s just where I am now, I suppose. Staying in, watching TV, playing with a puppy and talking to about three people outside of my family. It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I love going to bed by 11 regardless of the day of the week now. It makes me wonder if I’m throwing away the last half of my 20s by putting myself on a relatively nine to fiver schedule.

It’s boring.

And it’s nice. Structure was one of the reasons I’ve been thinking about dog ownership, a way to force myself to stick to a slightly healthier lifestyle because it’s good for me and necessary for the pup. Having a little thing around that needs food, water and walks preferably at the same time each day has forced me to be on a schedule. It’s been just a week of early nights and mornings, and I love it. It disgusts me to admit it, but I feel better. I get more done. My writing productivity is much higher than it was before Archer came home.

The day-to-day seems far less exciting when I know exactly what’s going to happen when, but I’ve learned there’s a kind of solace in that surety.

No more last-minute drinks, no more last-minute trips to wherever, no more interviews on the fly and no more unexpected adventures.

Or at least less of them.

And for now that’s okay, I’m a little excited to be a little bit boring, to write, cook at home, watch TV and fall asleep at the same time everyday.

Not that every moment is the exact same as the day before, but it’s nice knowing that the moments won’t vary so much. The chaos is temporarily, at least, calmed. Maybe in six months or so I’ll be ready for another big adventure, but for now I’m super excited that it’s almost nap time for the pup and snack time for me.


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