Puppy Tales–The First 72 Hours

This is quickly becoming a puppy appreciate blog.

After a couple of days, I’ve settled on the name, “Archer.” Just like the TV show. The little guy is sweet, smart and fun to cuddle, but he definitely has a stubborn streak paired with a goofy side. A set of character traits that seemed to make this name the most fitting.

He has been chewing up everything all around the apartment, I even caught him chewing up some first editions! He’s made his favorite spot my white rug. (Obviously I made great pre-puppy decorating decisions.) He’s lucky he’s a cutey. These first few days have been tough work with the whining, barking, training and waking up in the middle of the night. Also the messiness. My house will never be clean again.

Overall we’re both pretty happy.

His butt is a waggin’, and I’m still in love.

We’ve been on walks, taken a bath, clipped nails and even ran through some snow a bit. He’s almost entirely crate and potty trained. Archer’s favorite tricks are chasing the bump in his tail and running an “obstacle course” from the fireplace, under the couch, to the radiator and under the desk while I work. He is also obsessed with feet, which I love. My cold feet cuddler is here to stay! Once he’s tired out from chasing toys, of course.

Pretty much he is the most typically adorable little pup ever. He is growing so fast it seems like everyday his ears are a little longer and his feet a little bigger. I can’t take enough pictures!


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