Community Season Four Promo

In all the kerfuffle regarding “Community,” NBC is airing the Halloween episode tonight. Giving us not Valentine’s Day specials, but instead Valloween.

Yes, it’s confusing celebrating that other Hallmark holiday, “St. Valentine’s” with Halloween. Season Four was a little disappointing when it premiered last week. I found the show a bit to cheerful, missing whatever Harmon-ness Dan always brought to the table. However I still love Jeff, Abed, Brita, Troy, Annie and Shirley, so I’ll still be watching their antics all season long regardless of the sadness I feel at the changes in the writer’s room.

Besides with the cast awesomely promoting the show by declaring RTs and costumes in lieu of restaurant reservations and traffic snarls, I love the actors as much as I love the characters they play.


Now I should admit to an absurd love of Valentine’s. In the past year I’ve embraced holidays like never before-I’ve decorated, I’ve baked and I’ve gifted. So Valentine’s is falling right into place as an excuse to love the day. I’ve sworn Zed to hand-made gifts and at-home dinner this year. But costumes and “Community” may just make an appearance.

After all, how could I possibly be in love with someone who won’t watch TV with me?

Valentine’s also holds a special place in my heart because it was the one day a year where I could have cookies for breakfast as a kid. Yes, cookies! My mom would make these awesome heart-shaped sugar cookies and wake us up with chocolates. The best start to any day!

Now that I don’t have to go to school or even be in public, I love Valentine’s.

So let’s dress up, eat some sweets and watch some of the best TV!

As a bonus if you’re missing “Nashville tonight, here’s a great profile in the New York Times on the always lovely Connie Britton.


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