My new baby boy from New Mexico. An adorable red heeler/lab mix.

My new baby boy from New Mexico. An adorable red heeler/lab mix.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram, you’ve already seen this cutie.

He’s my new baby boy. This photo was taken when he was just about six-weeks old. He is a cute, cuddly fluffball of love. He comes home on Wednesday. I already have everything a puppy could possibly need–kennel, kibble, special shampoo and chew toys. The puppy prepping has been in full-swing all week.

For over a year, I’ve been in the habit of searching for dogs whenever I want to be sad I can’t have a writerly walking partner and cold feet cuddler. It’s one of those terrible things that simultaneously makes me feel better and worse about the world.

When I saw a profile for these pups on, I knew my puppy was in the group. I called immediately to ask about adoption fees and processes. I made an appointment to meet the litter of nine babies and one mama for the following week. The rescuer, Samantha, was supportive, helpful and clearly invested in finding the right people for the dogs.

The following week, my boyfriend and I arrived to find a puddle of sleeping puppies. Another family joined us at the house to find their next dog, too. Samantha gently handed me Puppy #1, he was cute, spotted and indifferent to me. I put him back in the playpen and picked up the very adorable, very spirited Puppy #2. He was totally cute and completely rambunctious. He ran and ran all over the house. He was ready to play and couldn’t get enough of chewing, tugging and jumping.

Despite his cuteness, his unceasing energy wore me out. Samantha picked up a cream puppy with a brown spot over one eye. As the other adopting family picked out three cream colored boys to play with, Samantha handed me over the smallest boy, Ajax.

“He’s a sweet boy. He loves kisses.”

At that he started licking my face and nose. He was happy to be held, tummy rubbed and cuddled. While I was distracted by his cuteness, one of the creamies wandered over to my boyfriend. It was easy work to convince Zed to cuddle and love him. He was a bit stouter than the loving Ajax, a little lighter  in color and with a tail that broke and healed crookedly, he was an adorable puppy.

At the sight of the biggest boy getting love from Samantha, Ajax slipped away from me to get some more lovin’ from his rescuer.

Zed put his favorite puppy down. I said I was torn between Ajax and Orion. They were both so sweet and loving. Orion pawed his way to me, he wagged his tail and gave me a look that said, “Cuddles, please!” I rubbed his tummy and hugged him to my chest. I put him down again and rubbed his tummy some more. His kinked tail couldn’t wag fast enough.

Even though I thought I was there to pick up one of his brothers, the little guy knew he needed me and I needed him. He was my puppy.

I asked him if he wanted to come home with me. He made little happy puppy sounds.

As an aside, I’m not 100% sure I want to keep his name, “Orion.” He is just young enough, we can change it. What do you think?


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