So long, good bye this is our good buy song

My first car!

Did you miss me?

I missed you! And writing! Now I will miss my first car, too.

A short time ago, I was in a car accident. 

Good bye, Silver Bullet!

Yep, that’s what happens when a van smashes into a Dodge Neon at 50 mph.

I was turning left, they were going straight and our vehicles met in a brutal crash of plastic, glass and metal. The impact completly smashed the passenger side of the car. The back door was hanging on its hinges. The roof was caved in. The rear tire blew out. I came to rest on the opposite side of the road from where I took the hit.

My head snapped forward at the moment of the crash and hit steering wheel. I blacked out for most of the spinning through the intersection.

After all that bad news, here’s the good news…


Luckily I was alone in the car.  Yes, I banged my head, knee and chest which gave me some pretty good bruises and soreness for a few days. Despite the head banging, I did not get a concussion. The soreness and bruises quickly healed. I went to work the next day. Thankfully all six people in the van were okay as well. Most of them even managed to make it to the Church History Museum despite the run-in.

The police, EMTs and insurance folks were all nice and helpful. Pedestrians even stopped to make sure I was okay. It meant a lot that strangers offered their help when I needed it. The compassion and kindness people treated me with that night and into the following days was surprising and made the trauma much more bearable.

This experience has made me so grateful for the men and women whose job it is to listen and assist people through times of trouble. From the first responders to the insurance handlers to the court reporter nearly everyone I’ve come into contact with through this process has been professional, kind and supportive. I don’t know how they do it everyday. They have made letting go and moving on possible for me.

This accident was one of the scariest experiences in my life, I’ve never felt so vulnerable and mortal. (I’m a lucky lady when it comes to life and death situations.) It was terrifying. But the time has come to move on from the the fear of that frigid winter night.

It’s time for the car to go.

I bid the last adieu to my silver bullet at the car graveyard today. It will be missed. Even though I never wanted a car, this car signified a step toward some semblance of adulthood for me. It was a good car to have, it marked a big change in my life. It made my SL,UT life easier.

Damn, I’m going to miss that piece of shit.


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