Embracing positive change

Deep breaths.

Everyone, everyone, this is big stuff. Adult stuff. Scary stuff.

But good stuff, will everyone please, please send positive thoughts, prayers, feelings my way this morning?

I could really use it.

There’s some work-related things happening that could be BIG if it becomes reality. I just need some positivity today, okay?

Good thoughts. Deep breaths. Good thoughts. Deep breaths.

Good things are happening. Goodness is going on in my life, I need to embrace it. Hopefully I’ll be able to give more specifics about all this later. But for today, I’m just going to focus on the positive force, change, in my life. I like change. Change is good. Change is challenging. Change makes us better.

The future is not going to collapse just because one part of my life changes. Doesn’t Oprah have some hing about constantly changing to be your best self? Right? So it’s totally cool that after more than a year, my work may finally make enough income I can stop checking account balances daily. This is a good thing.

Balls! Now I’m starting to think that all this worry might just be a bad omen. How do I know this is the right decision? Where is that map that says “this way” with an arrow? If I’m trying so hard to convince myself this is a good thing, does that make it a bad thing?

Welcome to the crazy.

I’m going to stop my ramblings now before they become too incoherent. I’m focusing on the good, change is good, this is a good change. It will make my life better. Deep breaths.


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