I’m pretty sure there’s something here, I’m just not sure what it is

Some nights I wake up and I just have to write. Last night was one of those nights. These midnight writings are often forgotten and left on my bedside. Frequently I re-read them in the morning and wonder what is wrong with my sub-conscious.

However the scrap from last night seems like a good start for something.

In all of us there’s a good and bad fightin’ to get out.

In some of us it’s the small voice that says another doughnut is okay if we give 50 cents to the homeless guy on the corner. But in some of us, it’s a fiercer battle.

Zeke is one of them.

In the last day, he fought a battle for good and a battle for evil, even he doesn’t know what side he’s on. You can’t say he don’t have morals, he does.

A code of sorts, trouble is it doesn’t exist ain’t writ down and ain’t nothin’ no other man can follow.

Zeke, the Old West murderous cowboy? NaNoWriMo? I have no idea where this snippet of a story is going, but I didn’t immediately hate it so that seems like a promising start.


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