This is all I have time for today

I have been awake way too long. I need a nap. I need to run errands. And make sure three children and a dog don’t die, break or bleed for the next three days.

So this is probably all you’ll get from me today, Internet. Have you ever cared for children? It is so hard. Serious work. They need so much attention, help and time. I love school. I love my family. I’m going to brew another pot of coffee. And mad props to all the full-time parents out there, you’re amazing.

Now for the good reads this week.

If you’ve ever wondered why business execs good economic decisions and poor social decisions, this may be why. A new study from Case Western University shows that our brains turn off the analytical or empathetic parts depending on the problem we face, according to Medical News Today.

I love Ta-Nehisi Coates over at The Atlantic and his reprinted essay on why he is pro-choice is just another vote in his favor.

In the New Yorker James Wood writes one of the most thought-provoking essay about Richard Mourdock’s state belief that God intends all pregnancies and implication that God also plans rape. Whether or not you agree with Mourdock, the essay is a worthy read as it points out the ethical dilemma faced by Christians when answering any question about God’s intervention in the life of humans.

(This is also the only time I’ll capitalize god in this blog. Apparently.)

Now for the final installment on this theme of choice and women, this story about pregnancy, abortion and Alaska in Tomorrow Magazine. 

For something a bit lighter here is The Atlantic’s take on brewing light beer en masse and the respect the craft deserves.


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