Kimchi jiggae

20121026-114352.jpgMuch to my delight the grocery store I normally go to finally has a teeny, tiny Asian section.

Last night in a burst of nostalgia for South Korea, I loaded up on kimchi, tofu, eggs, seaweed, garlic, ginger, onion and all the fixings for a delicious kimchi jiggae. I used this recipe from Zen Kimchi with two substitutions, chicken in place of the pork belly and vodka in place of the soju.

I still have not found soju in Utah!

Someday the DABC will hear my sorrow and purchase South Korea’s liquor of choice without forcing me to buy an entire pallet.

The kimchi jiggae was boiling hot and delicious. Although not as spicy as I would like, I think I’ll have to try out another kimchi and search for some gochujang. It was lovely to have a nice reminder of South Korea in my Salt Lake City home. Eating this soup all the memories of school lunches, nights in and out came back warmly.



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