Sharing, reading and learning

Every so often I find something so amazing I know I just have to share it with other people.

Most often that happens with books. I’ve also learned that there are not very many people who share my love of all things book-ish, so here’s a few articles, videos and sites to distract you from work today.

GQ’s article on Jeremy Lin is incredible. For one thing, I constantly forget just how young celebrities are, but the truth is Lin is just about my age. The only place he feels is home is his parents. And just as much as any other 20-something he is struggling to find himself and where in fits in the world, unfortunately he is doing that against a backdrop of incredible fame in a way that defies understanding.

Meanwhile I found this wonderful site ColorLines. I don’t even know how it escaped my notice until today. But already I love this site and will add it to the list of places to regularly check in for news.

This is hilarious, offensive and totally shouldn’t be clicked by anyone who is sensitive about sex or religion. (Mom, that means you. Do NOT click!) Oh yeah, and it’s probably not safe for work either. It’s called Mormon Missionary Positions just to give you some indication of what’s to come.

And you can file this one away in the “Why People Believe Weird Things” category. It’s all about how when confronted with ideas that differ from our believes, our believes becomes stronger regardless of the truth.

Now here’s a bit of Tina Fey being awesome at the Reproductive Rights Inaugural Gala in NYC, courtesy of the Huffington Post.

Finally an essay on travel and technology in the Atlantic for all you tech-nerds and backpackers to languish over.


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