Abruptly Slowing Down

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

“Love is like cooking. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all,” wrote Harriet Van Horne in Vogue in 1956.

Strange things are swirling in the air around here. Remember, how I was just barely like “settling down may not be the hell I previously imagined, it might even be nice?”. Yes, I expressed such an emotion to as much to my own surprise as anyone else’s.

Well the universe heard me and sent me an-almost-maybe-I’m-not-sure-I-can-talk-about-it job. A job with an office, regular hours and expectations. A real adult requires a degree job. It sounds luxurious.

Then a relationship took a slightly more serious turn with a toothbrush. (Admittedly leaving the country for two weeks may have sped things along a bit more with pangs of missing-ness.) So there’s that, and it’s new and shiny and sweet and scary. But good, comforting, warm–a nice place to be.

In addition to all this, a litter of ten adorable puppies is up for adoption. I want one so badly I keep drooling over their photos every day and devising ways I can plan and pay for one of the little fluff balls. I may have even applied for one.

However I currently don’t have an adorable fur ball, I have rules about toothbrushes, and I don’t have a full-time job yet.

Besides how can I be expected to stay in one place when there are travel deals to Spain happening?

Speaking of amazing travel deals, here are some travel reads and views of places to go when the gloom of rainy autumn keeps you in.

New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume 1 from Bevan Percival on Vimeo.

Myanmar’s Comfort Food in the New York Times. Never has an article made me want to pack my bags and eat so quickly, while simultaneously making me yearn for a kitchen stuffed with ginger, rice and hibiscus.

The world’s best islands, according to CNTravel. I may not agree completely with this list, but if those photos aren’t enough to get you dreaming of beaches and sunshine, you need help.


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