Start with a light beer like Tsing Tao or even the local micro-brew called inventively enough “Hong Kong Beer” in a pretty china bowl.


Then wave down one of the many servers to order plates and plates of food including spicy crusted chicken, lemon chicken, beef in some delicious hearty sauce and mushrooms with bok choy.



Make sure you eat family style sharing each dish with everyone who’s gathered around. And order a bit of rice to make it a meal.




By the way, the mushrooms in Hong Kong were some of the most ridiculously large floppy difficult to eat with chopsticks mushrooms in the existence of the world.






This lovely beef stew was delicious and lovely. Between this and the lemon chicken, I never wanted to leave the Hong Kong style restaurant our host for the evening had guided us to.




In the end the delicious meal was one of the best of my Hong Kong visits and made my future adventures into street side diners and on-street restaurants more familiar and enjoyable.


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