A Day At Aberdeen Harbor On Hong Kong Island

There are some days when it pays to get lost. The day I wandered my way to Aberdeen Harbour was one of them. The harbour was a minibus ride away from anywhere I had been for the first few days in Hong Kong. It’s clearly under construction to soon become yet another tourist destination on the island. But for now it’s a little scary, a little out-of-the-way and host to locals who aren’t ready to leave their sampan boats for the city.


I took a short walk across the way observing the fishing, cleaning and living taking place on the water against a backdrop of skyscrapers and ferries.


It’s a busy place, in a lazy kind of way. I assume it had a bit more to do with the lateness of the morning and the few tourists taking pictures. What little work could be done was done for the day as boat owners nonchalantly tossed out “Missy, you tour? Boat? Sampan?” As I walked by.


The offers for tours were not particularly aggressive or even hopeful. More an asking just to see if there was any chance for an extra dollar. A quick shake of the head and a “no” encouraged men and women to turn away from me and back to their work at hand or on to the next wandering tourist.



At the end of the promenade was a small fish market. It looked very small, and there were few people packing and dragging fishes from boats to hand carts to truck. The ground was squelchy, the smell was repugnant, the locals were bartering, I quickly walked away and made my way back to the bus station.


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