Travel And TV

It’s a bit strange to be having this big adventure in Hong Kong: eating steaming noodles, negotiating the crowded sidewalks, listening to the trilling lights then coming to my home for the week and write about TV. I love TV, I love watching everything on TV, but I haven’t seen any in a few days.

Restaurants here are sadly devoid of televisions thus far in my experience.

On the plane I only watched one movie, “The Avengers.” When I wasn’t giggling “Oh, Joss Whedon I love you, you are the best at fanservice,” I was thinking “This movie is meant for a big screen not this stupid little TV.”

So yeah, I haven’t indulged in much entertainment lately except to pick up “Game Of Thrones” at the San Francisco airport for a bit of reading on the plane. Holy balls! The TV show is masterfully written! And the books! So good! The book reminds me why I love fantasy. And it makes me realize how much more incredible the show actually is. The writers carefully crafted the story in a way that is remarkably true to the original work. Take note, adapters, this is how it’s done.

The inclusion of “Game Of Thrones” in my travel library has brought to light that I may have an addiction to gathering and leaving books in my travels. It all started with “Good Omens” in Nowhere Town, South Korea later left in Busan, followed by “The Screwtape Letters” left with a friend in Chungju. The list of books left in hostels, hotels and with strangers grows longer with everyday or week spent away from home.

I’m excited for “Lolita,” I spied it resting on a shelf yesterday. I’ve silently already claimed the book as mine until the next hostel. Traveling is the only way I read fiction lately. It’s been a nice change from the non-fiction I usually read at home to sharpen my own journalistic writing.

However all this reading and traveling has left me exempt from my favorite form of entertainment. Hulu, Netflix, HBO: they don’t work in Hong Kong. I miss TV! I need “Boardwalk Empire,” “Parks and Rec,” hell, I would even take some “Glee.”

I miss TV.

Now excuse me, I have to find a beach, so I can peacefully learn just how Game of Thrones ends.


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