Thoughts On The Fall

Boo-oo! Boo-boop! Boopity-boop!

It’s my favorite time of TV year, fall season premiere!

So far, I’ve seen a bit of brand-spanking new shows like “The Mindy Project,” “Ben & Kate” and “The New Normal.”

I loved, loved Mindy. She is so funny and neurotic. I want to drink wine and watch rom-coms with her while reading Nora Ephron together. I’m not a Mindy Kaling fan reading ever interview with her, following her Twitter and buying her book.

TV things started to slide with “Ben & Kate.” It was funny. But not really. I just didn’t quite click with Ben or Kate. And I want to love this show. The premise says to me “Krista this is your life on TV!” I should love this, but I was left quietly chuckling and wishing for more.

Now for the sad news, “The New Normal” is not funny. It tries so hard to be sweet, funny and meaningful. I absolutely love the idea of the show, but I think they may need to call in some writers from “Modern Family.” Without music to break up the message and the story, the dialogue needs jokes, humor and well-planned pauses. What we have instead are unfunny lines delivered like jokes and funny lines delivered poorly.

I’m excited for “Revolution” because I apparently need a constant string of post-apocalyptic terrifying stories in my life. But with the way new sitcoms went, my expectations have fallen dramatically.

Now for the oldies and the goodies: “Boardwalk Empire,” “X-Factor,” “Happy Endings,” aforementioned “Modern Family,” “Treme,” “Parks and Rec,” “Community” and “30 Rock.” Yes, I will be watching all of these and I have no intention of leaving my house until the holiday hiatus.

What are you watching this fall?


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