Are Socks Underwear?

Why Comedians Pretend They Aren’t Pretty: This fantastic piece in The Atlantic discusses how and why Phyllis Diller, Tina Fey and other women comedians pretend to be ugly, uncoordinated and unsuccessful to get laughs.

Breaking Amish: It’s another article in The Atlantic, I love it. But I also love TV, and am intrigued by TLC’s new show, “Breaking Amish,” which follows a few teens on rumspringer from various Amish communities around the country. I’m fascinated by the intersection of religion and pop culture. But is it right to film this experience? Do the kids understand what they signed up for? As the article points out most of them have never been photographed before.

Air Conditioning Makes Me Unproductive: I get cold easily, and I hate being inside in the summer because other people love to make it cold. I always carry a jacket, even on the hottest days. As this FastCompany article, tells it, the cold also makes people make more mistakes and less productive. Also this totally explains why I love beaches.

Finally the best political video you will see all week. Promise.

Obama’s “You didn’t build that” set to M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”

Pure awesome.

Now away from the link shares and onto the socks question because that’s what I do around here ask seriously hard life questions, like are socks underwear?

I’m being serious. And it’s for science.

Not really for science.

But really serious.

Recently I had a sleep over and my friend sleeps with socks on. I thought this was hilariously bizarre. He says socks are like underwear, so it makes sense to wear them to bed.

I kind of agree with the whole wearing undies to bed bit. I mean I do, I’m a t-shirt and panties kind of girl most days. And my experience is most men and women wear some kind of something to bed, although loads of people sleep naked. But most people don’t sleep with socks on, right? I mean, do you?

I think of socks kind of like an undershirt. Typically in the winter time I wear a tank, a t and a jacket. It’s also the time of year I wear socks and shoes. (I have a preference for sundress and flip flops whenever possible.) An undershirt to me is not underwear, nor are socks so it’s highly unlikely I would wear them to bed regularly.

However if I change the way I fundamentally think about socks, then I could maybe agree with wearing them to bed.

So what do you think are socks underwear? Do you wear socks with your pj’s?

So far everyone on the internet (two men) say yes, socks are underwear. But does that make them sleeping clothes?

BTW: I’m writing this barefoot in my pajamas–shorts and t-shirt sans underwear. Maybe I have a fundmental dislike of all underclothes.


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