T-Minus One Week To Hong Kong


I am so excited for this trip! In one week, I’ll be sleepily boarding a plan to Asia.

I have missed Asia so, so much! I can’t wait to get back on the other side of the Pacific where life is crazy, chaotic, delicious and fun in a completely upside down delightfully wonderfully bizarre way. Plans have been made, hotels booked, museum tickets purchased and days scheduled.

I can’t wait.

In an effort to keep all things cheap there will be many days of walking tours on different islands, in different districts and explorations of Hong Kong. The first few days I’ll spend on Hong Kong itself, then it’s off to Kowloon and the Suzy Wong-ish Chuking Mansions for a few nights with a brief stop in Macau to check out the casinos, the races and drink fancy drinks from a bar with view. Then it’s time for Lantau and perhaps one or two other sleepy islands with beaches for beer and seafood a bit away from the city for some relaxing, peaceful days before getting back to 24+ hour day of travel to return to SLC.

Yes, that’s right. This is a two-week work-cation trip to Hong Kong. For once in my life I’m traveling more like an American. A two-week vacation that will mostly consist of working from a new locale, instead of bumming around like a college student.

It feels strangely adult. But I’m still staying in hostels, so..I’m young-ish?

All that’s left to do is laundry and packing. Then I’ll be off for 15 amazing days of overindulgence in all things Hong Kong.

Whoo-oo! It can’t come fast enough!


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